Disturbing audio recording of a supposed Abia State Government official surfaced online where the official was threatening a citizen with harm if the said citizen dared publish anything negative about the Abia State governor again.

In the audio clip that surfaced online sometimes around October 2019, the “caller” was obviously irritated that the News of maladministration of Abia State Government led by Governor Ikpeazu is in the open, hence the need to silence anyone who exposes the ineptitude of the Governor or his officials.

The audio which was originally in Igbo language was transcribed thus: ” Caller: OK …You see, you are my brother, that’s why I’m placing this call to you. If not, I would have left you, I wouldn’t have talked to you.”

“You see, from today…if salaries are paid or not,
Workers go on strike or not
Pensioners said or didn’t say..
Roads are built or not…Whatever concerns Abia State Govt, don’t write it again. Do you understand what I’m saying”?

Receiver: I can hear you well Sir.

Caller: Don’t you ever again write about Govt or her officials, you know why?

Receiver: No

Caller: Anyday you try it, this thing that happened to Mopol will happen to you..Can you hear what I’m saying?

Receiver: I can hear you Sir.

Caller: Any day you try it, this thing that happened to Mopol…
I will bundle you to Abuja (X3).
I am telling you in the name of God, I have called Nkasiobi, Chuks myself. Got off the phone with him before you now.
I just want to tell you because you are my brother.
I don’t know if your people have money to bail you at Abuja.
Don’t ever in your life again write anything against the Government (Abia State).
I have been following you, all your Facebook update, have I ever called you any day?
Example has been set with Mopol and if Mopol can be in this condition, is there any other one that will be shown mercy?

Can Augustine write?
Have you known what happened to him? Ok, you will hear, call Augustine and ask him. Bye. (End)

Abia State Radio station, Magic FM was also alleged to have been warning everyone not to talk or have themselves to be blamed.

Henry Shield, a staunch PDP supporter and former aid to FCT Minister Bala Mohammed had threatened the Governor on his twitter handle @henryshield by saying: “I am in possession of a disturbing audio recording of a supposed Abia State govt official threatening a citizen with harm if the said citizen dared published anything negative about the Abia State governor. I have given the State govt 24 hours to react to the said recording before we take this to the highest level. This is a democracy and charlatans will not be allowed to truncate what many paid with their lives to achieve. If you can’t take criticisms, get the hell out of govt and stay in your private homes. @GovernorIkpeazu this is for you”!

Abia State Governor Ikpeazu is alleged to be owing state polytechnic workers for 18 months and still laid off over 50 staff members of recent. State workers also are being owed, despite this, Governor Ikpeazu won election that gave him the second term in office.

Abia State Official threatens A Reporter For Speaking Up


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