I deliberately didn’t say “At what point did you hate Tinubu” because I know many who like him but don’t want him as President. So when exactly did you dislike his leadership style or his person?

It’s just a probing question from ME TO YOU!

Tinubu was way back known in the camp of those FIGHTING for democracy & vehemently against the Military.
He was in the camp of MKO Abiola, Prof Wole Soyinka, NADECO & the Pro Democracy movements in the 90s that put pressure on the Military with ALL they had.
Was that his offence?

Tinubu was the Governor of Lagos State between 1999 & 2007. I had enough grasp of events of those periods because I was already out of NYSC & started my 1st job at Adeola Odeku VI in 2005. The only Governor we knew in Nigeria then was Tinubu.
At what point did you dislike him?

Tinubu in his 8 years as Lagos Governor was known to be a Muslim whose First Lady was known to be a Christian. I deliberately used PAST TENSE to make assumption of their “Last Known Configuration” way back.
So for which part of his life did you SUDDENLY dislike him for NOW?

Tinubu was that Lagos Governor with Prof Osinbajo as Attorney General, Chief Of Staff as Fashola SAN, Wale Edun Finance, Akabueze Budget & Planning, Sanwo-Olu Commerce & Industry, Ambode as his accountant general for Lagos State…ETC.

For which of THESE did you dislike Tinubu?

He was the LAST MAN STANDING in the Opposition in Nigeria at the end of 2007 when the then ruling party PDP swept every opposition with DO or DIE politics of Obasanjo. But for the tenacity of Tinubu then, there wouldn’t be any face of opposition.
Was that when YOU disliked him?

At the end of his 8 years tenure, he used his Political capital to play Internal Politics UNTIL his Chief Of Staff who was never a Politician became the Flagbearer of the Party that eventually won the election in Lagos.
Did you dislike him from that point for INSTALLING Fashola?

Tinubu held back his political base while the PDP was ravaging the whole Nation from the North to the East without any serious improvement in those States that became PDP since 1999 till date. He built his opposition party to reclaim the South West & a few places. Did you dislike Tinubu for that?

He built himself to become the Principality to reckon with. From nowhere, we began to hear Ambode was the anointed candidate of the Godfather.
Did you HATE him for INSTALLING Ambode or you suddenly changed your mind to DISLIKE him when Ambode was no more the choice after 4 years?

Then The Nation needed an alternative at the Federal level. There was APGA in the East, there were other parties. But the only political party built with enough base to drag it with the then Ruling party was ACN built by Tinubu’s ingenuity for years. Did you dislike him for that?

That alliance produced Buhari, d man YOU love to HATE whether he does things right or not, your personal hatred beclouded your sense of judgement that there has never been any President since 1999 that has done so much with so little like PMB. So you DISLIKED Tinubu for THIS abi?

Tinubu’s “GODFATHERISM” brought his former Attorney General to the National & International Political prominence. The man who by any standard would NEVER win ordinary LG Councilor in Politics became the pride of all & the best we ever had as VP. Was that why you DISLIKE Tinubu?

Now that same Tinubu believes he has something to offer, he has a life long ambition to lead Nigeria, he has enough Political base to win an election. He believes EMILOKAN to climb the ladder I have used for others to climb to their prominence.
Why exactly are you against Tinubu?

“If he has something to offer, why didn’t he offer it through Buhari/Osinbajo”?
Well, Buhari/Osinbajo are not robots & they’re not toddlers that one Tinubu from Togo will order around. You don’t like their policies, some of us believed they have done well. Is that the issue?

Your sudden 2023 political philosophy isn’t NEW, you’re the one that thought “I warned you people before”…..
Sorry, your 2015 & 2019 warning were based on your personal GREED that you wouldn’t have access to Aso Rock like before, WE THE PEOPLE chose Buhari ahead of others. So?

In 2015, In Nigeria’s DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM, WE THE PEOPLE chose Buhari as the elites’ choice in Jonathan. In 2019, WE THE PEOPLE chose Buhari ahead of the Elites’ choice in Atiku.
Your “warning & wailing” towards 2023 has nothing to do with PERFORMANCE, it’s YOUR OWN NARRATIVES!

You’ve fed everyone around you with the pictures of DOOM, DISASTERS, TERROR, etc since 2015 as though that’s the only side to events in Nigeria. Yet in this 8 years, you & others around you have built what you couldn’t build before while maintaining doom’s narrative. EXPLAIN it!

This is 2023, the election is Feb 25. WE THE PEOPLE will still go ahead based on our judgement of the situation in Nigeria using our own God given brains to make our choice.
The Elites can go ahead with their NARRATIVES as though they MUST dictate to all, Let’s SEE who wins this!

by Taiwo Ajakaye @dmightyangel on Twitter.


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