So let’s try to check the THIN line between protest & insurrection. I hope to keep it as simple as possible. Since the SHOCK I have been having about how USA is handling this #CapitolRiot, I’ve thought about clarification of protest’s legitimacy.

A protest: “a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something.” Insurrection: “a violent uprising against an authority or government.” So even by definition, they don’t look or sound the same. Was #EndSARS as a case study a protest or an insurrection in Nigeria?

What is the thin line to measure this protest or insurrection then? No, don’t let us destroy the gain of #EndSARS as a PROTEST. When it started, it was a protest and the Constitution is in tune with that. How do you know a protest? “action expressing disapproval of or objection to something.” It was INITIALLY DEFINED as an action expressing disapproval of SARS activities!

So when did this clearly defined action expressing disapproval of or objection to SARS and Police brutality EXPIRE please? At that point when the purpose was achieved. QED.

The purpose: End SARS.

The Action: Protest


Next step?????

When did it become an INSURRECTION: At that point when every action of #EndSARS leaders & supporters began to show “a violent uprising against an authority or government.” When did that happen? When YOU said they must not leave the street until you end BAD GOVERNANCE once and for all. HOW?

At that point that initial victory of the protest suddenly gave rise to this arrogance of SORO SOKE, “you messed up with the wrong generation”, #BuhariMustGo, “#EndBadGovernance before we leave the street” You know I warned you about wasting the victory?

Yes, at that point that all of YOU became the darling of @CNN interview INCITING people never to leave the street like Falz & Aisha did (ayam afraid of dem). At that point of saying it’s not just about #EndSARS but EVERYTHING MUST END. At that point of saying Buhari MUST COME or GO.

The whole CONCEPT of PROTEST and it’s legitimacy about #EndSARS ended when the Inspector General of Police came on TV to dissolve the SARS unit on the 11th, 12th the Commander in Chief himself came on TV to repeat the same. 13th of October 2020, Governor Babajide Sanwoolu took demands to Abuja and #5For5 was accepted & implementation began. PROTEST ENDED!

From the point your SORO SOKE leaders of leaderless group began to push you on insisting “we must end this bad governance” and political game began to surface AFTER the initial demands have been met, everyone with COMMON SENSE knew it would never end well..INSURRECTION!

So, while America is already out dealing with PEACEFUL PROTESTERS who neither carried guns or any dangerous weapon to #CapitolRiots, those who led INSURRECTION in Nigeria that should be in jail already are on @LagosSarsPanel, on TV inciting people more, or on @CNN as CELEBRITIES.

You see, Protest and Insurrection aren’t the same, it can easily be differentiated. #CapitolRiot wanted to stop legitimate government from being inaugurated. #EndSARS Insurrectionists wanted to stop legitimate government already in power. The same people trended #BuhariMustGo just to show you a window into their real plans.

One more thing, can you now listen to what @MBuhari said in 2018 that you were abusing him about in light of how USA the saner clime has been handling this #CapitolRiots and be the judge? Was he right or wrong? Try and debate with REALITY in the mirror!

Ok, it’s time to take your insults & abuses again, na E-insult after all..Eebu o so. If Government is confused about what to do to those who led domestic attack against Lagos, just check what USA is doing to their own citizens involved in #CapitolRiots


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