Nigeria really needs to catch up with other progressive Nations. I’ve read many articles & a few hands who tried to ridiculed this land during #NigeriaAt59 independence.
I was even referred to some articles.

One of those comments that triggered me on that day #NigeriaAt59 was my response to the tweet by @osasuigbinedion where I tried to have a conversation with her Columbia Taxi driver. I have no personal issue with her, I was only dealing with ISSUES AT HAND.

A friend in a whatsapp group referred me to an article by @MobilePunch & I think it’s a good article even if I don’t agree with some funny lines there. As far as I’m concerned all we are doing is #WrongDiagnosis, Treating ringworm instead of leprosy.

The summary of that article according to my friend: 1. Nigeria was structured to fail 2. Only die hard Buharists & APC supporters agreed that there is any progress 3. Nigeria needs RESTRUCTURING 4. Northerners are the problem of Nigeria. Dear Nigerians, your enemies are closer!

So let me start by demystifying this age long #WrongDiagnosis about what we were told are the problems.
1. The 1999 constitution is not your problem.
2. RESTRUCTURING is not your problem.
3. REGIONALISM is not your problem
4. RELIGION is not your problem
5. The North is not your problem!

We need RESTRUCTURING but that’s not our problem that held us down all the while.
We need constitutional review but that not what has crippled us for years.
We need to balance North & South dichotomy more than before, but that’s not the issue that destroyed us.
So what exactly has been our MAIN problem that we keep running away from while we allow our ANALYSTS to give us #WrongDiagnosis of the main problem?
Dear Nigerians, your enemies are living with you, speaking your won dialect, practicing your own religion, waving hands to you.

Nigeria has 36 States, including the FCT that has administrator also.
Each State has Governor and State House of Assembly. Each Governor & SoA are INDIGENES of that particular State MOST of the time except Lagos & Kaduna that permit non indigenes to be part of their leaders. The Problem of Nigeria is not from Togo, it’s from her people. The problem of each region is not from another region it’s from that region.
The problem of Each State is not from FG in Abuja, it’s from their OWN PEOPLE, speaking the same Language.
Now, let’s take a few examples!

The article I read said #NigeriaAt59 is not where it should be & I laughed at such #IllogicalLogic from educated folks every time.
Your company was mismanaged by your former MDs although you were making so much then. Your competitors making less had good managers all the while. You sacked the Managers, brought in new MDs, unless you have a verifiable analysis to show that the new MDs are not moving your company forward, it will be foolish for you to keep running down your company & the new MDs that you are not yet like your competitors. E no make sense! Were you expecting to be like your competitors that have been well managed CONSISTENTLY for the same 24 years? It doesn’t make any sense to make analysis on the premises of where other Nations are when you also accepted that your own Nation was not well managed for DECADES.

Let me start from Oyo State:
1999 – 2019
State House of Assembly members: 100% Oyo indigenes. 24% FAAC since 1999.
20% FAAC fo LGAs since 1999
33 LGAs Any Hausa or Urhobo leading them here? NO.
EXPECTED Progress? Be the judge.

There is this road that links Mobil ring (Oluyole) road to what is popularly known as Akala express. The road passes through 7up, P&G, SUMAL, Zartech etc. Since 1999 till date those companies have been clamoring to do that road in exchange for tax.

Lam Adeshina of #AD refused
Ladoja of @OfficialPDPNig PDP refused,
Akala of @OfficialPDPNig PDP refused,
Ajimobi of @OfficialAPCNg APC refused.
Now we have @seyiamakinde which I “think” will get it done. NOTE: 20 years gone.
Will restructuring change that mindset of leaders? That road will be used basically by indigenes of Oyo State living within the Local Government abi?
That LGA with others have been getting 20% Federal allocation to share since 1999, Oyo Has been getting 24% FAAC since 1999. The companies wanted to do the roads, Govt REFUSED. HOW?

The late Michael Adeyemo was elected speaker of the Oyo Assembly in 2015.
I went to greet a friend where he lived around “Avians” those new areas are highly populated but no good roads.
This man lived there as speaker, approved Oyo budgets for 3 years, no road to his community. I was shocked when I got there & my friend said Oyo State House of Assembly Speaker lived nearby & he was a good man. So I asked what was good about him & he said he gave people around tap water outside his gate?..
The roads aren’t “motorable”, but he gave them TAP WATER.

All the roads that remain unattended to in Oyo State (my case study for the South West), all the primary healthcare centers, all the UBEC funds that FG made available but State Govt refused to access, no amount of RESTRUCTURING will change that, the problem is your OWN PEOPLE. When you read this thread by @WaleMicaiah about each State, come back and tell me how RESTRUCTURING has been the MAJOR PROBLEM in each State.
Let me take another State to see that your enemies are not far away, not in Abuja, but right in your States.

I’m sure you have read what I said about how Tony Anenih & Lucky Igbinedion destroyed Edo State, their State of origin.
If you have any objection as to how RESTRUCTURING would have changed that, please let me know.
Your enemies are living with you.
If you are in doubt as to the havoc Tony Anenih caused to Nigerians beyond Edo State, I already chronicled that in January.
He didn’t just loot his own State, he looted every money meant for roads thereby causing deaths of thousand of Nigerians till DATE.

No Sir, no restructuring would have corrected the evil Tony Anenih left behind in his own State. The enemies of Edo people are not from the North, they are from Edo State. Look at that small State called Bayelsa State & tell me the North is her problem since 1999.
The entire population is just Alimosho Local Govt in Lagos.
That State has been governed since 1999 by just one party, the same SONS OF THE SOIL, Federal allocation+13%+IGR+DEBTS! Reading through the wickedness of Niger Deltan indigines that have been handling their own region and LOOTING the whole funds made available to care for THEIR OWN PEOPLE yesterday was disheartening.
RESTRUCTURING is not your enemies, your PEOPLE ARE!

Go to the North, tell me their problem is Yoruba or Urhobo.
@elrufai is rebuilding Kaduna, you can hate him, that’s part of your fundamental human right but, can you hate the progress Kaduna is making under him?
Guess what, Kaduna problem is not Odinkalu, their enemies are SHEHU Sani! As at the time @elrufai was doing everything to get loan to develop his own State, the major antagonists are not the Odinkalus whose relevance is just twitter. The major antagonists were from KADUNA, one of them is @ShehuSani . Your enemies are WITH YOU!

Zamfara…..Oh Zamfara.
That State has been unfortunate since 1999 to be led by their own SONS, speaking their own language, dangling religious carrot every time while building Mansions in Lagos State like Yari did. Your enemies are PERMANENTLY WITH YOU!…

Who are the people insisting that CONSTITUTIONAL 20% Local Govt Federal Allocations must not be given to LGAs? The same Governors asking for RESTRUCTURING.
Who are the people supporting such unconstitutionality of Governors? The same YOU shouting RESTRUCTURING.

Take any of the 36 States and you won’t be in error of judgement. Analyse the funds that they have gotten since 1999, bring out the debt profiles since 1999, then explain what they have achieved in each State since 1999.
After that, convince me that Restructuring is the problem. I hope you remember the SCAM you packaged in Abia State…Yes, the Kerosene Governor that graduated to “rice mill-photocopying machine”.
Is your Governor from Jigawa State? NO. Did he perform to deserve 2nd term? That’s your headache.
Will RESTRUCTURING correct such error?

Who were the wicked souls that said The North is educationally disadvantaged? Elders from the North.
If you want to know in reality that God did not do partiality with INTELLIGENCE DISTRIBUTION to mankind, please watch #Cowbellpedia instead of #BBNaija.

I will show you that the best of brains are in all regions, from all religion, from all tribes.
Who then came up with this nonsense of educationally disadvantaged?
Elrufai is from Kaduna, you bet he will clear JAMB at a sitting.
Fayose & Lerel Olayinka are from the South West, can they pass JAMB at any point? When you watch sensible program like #Cowbellpedia you suddenly realize that the elders in the North must compel Ministry of education to remove that discrepancy of setting low score as qualification on the North & high score as qualification in the South…Stop that nonsense! Watch any part of #Cowbellpedia then you’ll realize that every region is capable of excellence.
The only problem you will also find out is that those who underdeveloped each State are from those States while their families became overnight billionaires.

When we are done with all our #WrongDiagnosis, we will eventually realize that our enemies are not in other regions. Not even in Abuja, not the imperfect Constitution. Your enemies are living with you, speaking the same language, practicing the same religion.



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