The video of DJ Switch speaking about what seemed like a planned night of violence, blood and sacrifice has resurfaced online after she deleted it from her Instagram page. DJ Switch was one of the leading faces in what is now known as “ENDSARS leaderless movement”.

The video and transcript of what she said are here:

“Good morning.
I’m about to make what some people or many people might call an unpopular opinion. But here it is. For those that know me well, I’ve always talked about Nigeria and the fact that something has to give.”

She continued: “Something just has to give. And that’s why I’m proud to see my brothers and sisters, the mothers, fathers, even those that have passed youth age, out on the street. But it is not enough. It is not near enough.”

“As far as I am concerned, I think everything should stop completely.
I’m glad that they closed Schools for children. Children need to be safe, they are the ones we are actually fighting for.
I hate to see anybody’s child caught in the cross hell of this protest.
But, I wanted to use my voice this morning to urge the government.
Though they’ve tried to discredit our peaceful protests with thugs, policemen, SARS, their antics.”

“I wanted to tell the Government that it hasn’t actually reached boiling point. When it reaches boiling point, you will know. Check your history, there is nowhere in the world where change for the people had actually taken place without sacrifice, without blood running, without violence.”

“I’m not trying to instigate anyone, but I’m telling you that it hasn’t really reached boiling point. And quite frankly, I wouldn’t mind. So instead of wasting time, trying to tell us that you are bigger than us, it’s high time you guys called it a day.”

“It’s enough you’ve tried. You’ve tried. I mean, to collect twenty what, twenty something million Naira a month, just to sleep in the Senate.
It’s clear that you’re old and tired, so retire. I’m glad that we’ve been able to contribute. We the people have contributed and have aided you all to be able to send your children to the best schools in the world.
When you’re sick, you get the best medical care. So I’m glad we’ve been able to help, but it’s time that you call it a day. We need young innovative leaders.”

“We need young innovative thinkers as our leaders. The Dubai we all like to run to, it was a desert as some point, we invested in Dubai.
Today they are sanctioning Nigeria. The Ghana that we like to mock, we provided power at some point to them and look at Ghana today. We cannot brag of 24 hours light and I’m even speaking from my experience. There are people that can’t brag for an hour’s light and it might come once a week.”

“So it’s enough. I’m urging you all to call it a day, this is beyond SARS right now. And so you know it hasn’t reached the boiling point. So do what is right, before it reaches boiling point.
Because the change that I see coming, most likely will have to go that route. That is just history. Check your history,
That’s how it’s been all over the world.
There is no change that has not come with sacrifice, and we all know sacrifice comes with what?
I leave that to you. I dey go bath, I dey go gate, I dey go protest. I hope to see you all out there.”


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