Fatima Mamman Daura

How are you our powerful sister in-law in Aso-Rock? I hope you are enjoying your fame and power over our wife Aisha Buhari in Aso-Rock? If so doxology.

There are a few things that actually caught my attention about the whole Aso-Rock family brouhaha which I will like to highlight and laugh over:

  1. Why are you still in Aso-Rock
  2. Why did you release your propaganda video?
  3. What have you gained?
  4. Now that you have done it, what next?

  1. Why are you still in Aso-Rock

To be candid, I never knew that the person called Fatima Daura is not a teenager in Aso-Rock. I thought you were just in your twenties so your hands were scratching you to make use of the smart toy your father Daura bought for you or your boy friends in Aso-Rock.

Seeing your picture and knowing that you are a grown up MADAM, I need to ask you this basic question: Wetin you dey do for another woman’s family domain, you wan marry her husband?

I used to think that this in-law wahala was purely an African decease until a few years ago when a lady I knew was having serious issue in England with her brother in-law. The lady is a Nigerian, married to an English guy. The in-law specifically told her never to think of having any child for his brother because it is cheaper to raise a dog than to start raising a child and he didn’t want any stress for his own brother (who remarried) again. The lady had to be calling Nigeria when she suddenly saw that this in-law warfare is an international conspiracy beyond African culture.

At your age, you should be in your husband’s house or on your won, building your career. Why are you still wrapped to your father such that you are becoming a family menace?

When I saw some “feminists” supporting your foolish action of using propaganda against your fellow woman in her husband’s house just because you are her sister in-law, I simply shook my head and concluded that the major problem of womanhood are the women folks.

How can a fellow woman captured her fellow woman just to prove that she was “abusing you”, WHO ARE YOU? What are you doing in her husband’s environs and why should you dictate to her how she chose to run her own family affair why are you not in your husband’s house also to run it the way you wanted Aisha to do? What on earth is this foolish mentality of in-law dictating how other women should do their things? Just for your information, you are foolish.

2. Why did you release your propaganda video?

There was this story of a queen who was messing up around the King in a village. She would simply look at the King and say “so this is all about you that everyone is running up and down at your command”…….So this is everything about you that people are always scared whenever you say a word”…….

The queen maintained her disdain towards the King for years forgetting that although the man is her husband, that same man is also The King, the one who Yoruba ancient culture called KABIYESI (Unquestionable).

In order for the Kind to clear her doubt, one morning after having affair with the queen as his legitimate wife and the usual rhetoric by the queen to disdain the King, the King simply called Akoda to go and bring his in-laws head inside the calabash.

She suddenly realized that her foolishness would eventually lead to the death of her own father by a mere word of command from the same man he’s been downgrading all the while, unfortunately, the King’s word is out and in Yoruba land in those days, it cannot be withdrawn, the head of the father in-law had to return to the palace inside the calabash with FRESH blood.

Ordinarily Fatima, by now you should be in DSS detention explaining the number of classified information in Aso-Rock you have released its details to Boko Haram, opposition parties, International conspirators, etc. That you are not yet eating free beans in Kirikiri because of that Aisha Buhari’s video and your personal confession is another unfortunate reality of the weakness of our law. Fatima, why did you release your propaganda video that was now used exactly at a time that the opposition was saying Buhari was taking another wife? Are you obviously the internal link between enemies of the State and Aso-Rock?

Can we have other secret videos of Buhari, Osinbajo, Dolapo, etc that you have with you waiting to be released before 2023 election? Why are you not yet in detention for this obvious security threat you have become in Aso-Rock?

3. What have you gained?

So how much did you make from that propaganda video you released to tarnish Aisha Buhari? Now that you have sold your entire lineage just to make gains, have you used that to build your own Aso-Rock? You are a sister in-law to Aisha Buhari. That Aisha Buhari is a mother whose children are also married. That Aisha has a son who was at a critical condition as at the time you secretly made that video, do you think this game will be over in the next fifty years? If you are wise, you should know that the children will remember how you exposed their parents to this public ridicule and it will not go away that soon, you are actually foolish. Apart from monetary gain, what else did you gain from this propaganda? Aisha Buhari is still the wife of Buhari. Aisha Buhari is still the First lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria at the moment even after your video went viral and was effectively used by the Biafrans and People’s Democratic Party. What else did you gain?

4. Now that you have done it, what next?

Dear queen Fatima, our sister in-law in Aso Rock, what next?

Now that you have released the video to portray “your wife” in the bad light, what next? When are you going to your husband’s house?

You see that I deliberately didn’t mention your father Mamman Daura as the issue because that’s not the issue. Obasanjo, Y’aradua, Goodluck Jonathan had their family members in Aso-Rock, other past Presidents had theirs and I’m talking of extended family. After Buhari, the next President will still have his family members in that Aso-Rock and the foolishness of their family members (within the context of family affairs like this) will never be blamed on them. You were fortunate to be a daughter of nephew to President Buhari, who has brought fame to your entire lineage, now that you have chosen to destroy your own lineage and bring discord that will never go away, what next madam Fatima?

The President asked the you people to vacate their living quarters inside the villa for a sick Yusuf Buhari who was recuperating after an accident. You guys were asked to move to another part of the villa so that the first family could  make use of the apartment, how is that your problem, is that your husband’s house?

Why didn’t you tell us that you’ve been requested in writing to vacate the place because the building is officially designated for the biological children of any serving President. Why didn’t you tell the world the the IG of police, DG DSS, NSA and the Vice President @ProfOsinbajo who was the acting President were all notified of this request. Why did your family refuse to comply with the instructions of the security agencies? Ok, why didn’t you show us what you as the SISTER IN-LAW say before the woman was triggered to respond in that manner IN HER HUSBAND’S HOUSE?

When you eventually go to your own husband’s house, be ready to face the same drama from your in-laws because whatsoever a man sow, that is what the person will reap, it’s a question of time.

Fatima Mamman Daura, the sister in-law in Aso-Rock, when are you leaving the place and face your own family? Nonsense like Inec Server. follow on twitter: @dmightyangel


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