So let’s get serious and bid our Biafran brothers and sisters farewell. May God prosper your way. We love you while we were together as Nigerians and we hope you prosper as you have envisaged in your heart. This bloodless departure is SWEET!

You see, it’s not as serious as Nnamdi Kanu and others have painted this Biafran dream to you guys, no need to shed blood like your well supported “UNGONE KNOWN MEN” from Biafra are doing at the moment while the “Biafra boys” & “Biafra mummies” online are tactically supporting the killing of Uniform men going on in the East!

To those whose minds are clear and whose brains are still used for what it’s meant for, your agitations aren’t that difficult to achieve. The question is DO YOU WANT TO GO TO BIAFRA? If the answer is YES, then I think you are comedians playing LUDO with human lives. GO TO BIAFRA!

Where is the way to Biafra and how do you make this bloodless & seamless? Where you’re going isn’t that far, it is where you have been branching unnecessarily that are too much. If Biafra you’re talking about is the present South East Nigeria, your trip is too easy. PLEASE GO NOW!

If you are not deceiving yourselves o, and if the only thing in your mind is to leave this enclave called Nigeria to your promised land, Nigeria and Nigerians are not holding you back. Check again, your hypocrisies are holding you bound to Nigeria. Sorry, you may remain so for ever.

Just in case you don’t know those holding you DOWN and keeping you ENSLAVED to Nigeria, let me point them out to YOU ALL: Your Senators and House of Representative members from Enugu, Anambra, Ebonyi, Imo & Abia States. They are LIARS, they are only using YOU to negotiate.

You heard me right, the likes of @SenatorAbaribe that noise making Senator representing Abia-South Senatorial District since 2007 is only USING YOUR HEAD to negotiate his permanent political space with Nigeria as a Nation. He doesn’t want Biafra, he’s only using Biafrans.

Wait, don’t tell me you are so USEFUL to these folks as their political tools that you are blind completely to see this reality that they don’t want Biafra. GREATEST BIAFRANS, tell your Senators IT’S TIME TO GO HOME..LEAVE NIGERIA! Abia.. Imo.. Anambra.. Enugu.. Ebonyi… GO NOW!

Your Reps are liars. Tell Senator Abaribe, Senator Ekweremadu and others to stand up and present the bill in the 9th National Assembly about Biafra. They can present the “LEFELEMDUM” to the 9th Senate if they want Biafra in reality. Stop polluting the air with your cowardliness. GO HOME!

Tell the “UNGUN KNOWN MEN” well sponsored from Biafra to get FOCUSED. Let them give all the House of Reps members and Senators from the East ULTIMATUM from Nnamdi Kanu your Lord, tell them to present the bill or get neutralized like you’re doing to innocent @PoliceNG in the East now.

When you’re done giving the Senators and Reps from the East this Ultimatum of submitting the bill for Biafra Exit in the National Assembly, FOCUS on anyone from the East that takes any appointment from Buhari administration. Tell all those holding Ministerial position to RESIGN NOW.

When you’re done with that, FACE all your mummies and Daddies online that are always on the fence, they cuddle Nigeria and are Nigerians when they held positions but are MUTE to the carnage of ESN and Igbo bandits that are burning INEC offices & Police Stations because they’re out now.

If you can achieve this within two weeks, the only one you will focus your attention on for a minimum of 2 months are Biafrans living in Nigeria. Tell all Biafrans to return to the East or get neutralized by your anointed militants popularly called UGM by your elites. GO HOME!

If any Biafran remains in Lagos, Oyo, Kebbi, Kano, FCT, give them the last warning to get to Biafra land latest by September 29 or forget it forever. You see, you can achieve Biafra without shedding blood of your own people. Get your Biafra in a simple way. GO HOME!

Ehen, remember the Musicians, Nollywood group, Celebrities from Biafra, give all of them ultimatum to start their Exodus from Nigeria and get Chronicled in the Numbers of Biafran before Oct 1st. Failure to do this, E fun won ni beating. You need to go to Biafra NOW.

While you are doing this, remember the likes of Madam Onyeka Onwenu who would rather become a permanent slave to Abacha than to go to Biafra o. Remember your Governors who still want to be Governor under Nigeria. Remember State House of Reps members also.

If this is not simple enough for you on this way to Biafra, know for sure that the battle line you are drawing with your endorsement of UNKNOWN GUN MEN going around in your Biafra to kill, burn and cause havoc on others will not go down well, we’ll soon see who wins and by how much!

Great Biafrans, I have just presented to you the common sense way of achieving your bloodless Biafra. Remember that the MINORITIES in Nigeria are more than 250 ethnicity who should also disengage from the domination of Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. Allow them also to make their choices.

Now, that you have seen this, know for sure that IF & WHEN the war you are calling for as an alternative happens, the man in Aso Rock will be the only one to ENJOY the season. Since some of you haven’t seen war, shall we all taste war as the alternative?


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