Under the Buhari led administration in 2015, toothpick import was part of the restricted items, Rotimi Sekoni rose up to the challenge by establishing a toothpick factory which employs Nigerians to produce 60million sticks a month with plans for 4billion a year.

@BatonNigeria has a lot to say as touching their giant step in 2017:

“First we all know the Nigerian economy NEEDS to fully transition from an import-dependent to an export-driven one”.

“Nigeria’s overreliance on oil and the resulting pressure of its price decline has placed a strain on our FX reserves”.

Because there is a strain on our FX reserves, access to forex is reduced, making demand high, and causing inflation.

One way to reduce this is to locally manufacture some of these things we import. When this is done, we not only reduce demand for foreign currency, but we create jobs locally. This ensures the value of the Naira improves, people get jobs, and the government generates tax revenue.

In summary, we need more establishments to make consumable products locally. When these products are locally made, we need Nigerians to patronize them. But should Nigerians patronize #MadeInNigeria products, SIMPLY because they are made in Nigeria?

We do not think so. While we want people to patronize #MadeInNigeria, quality must never be compromised.

Having said all these, we are excited to introduce you to #BatonNigeria toothpicks. Locally made, globally accepted. #BatonNigeria toothpicks is made by OWPPiN, an organization focused on the production of wood derived branded products in Nigeria.

Baton Made in Nigeria Toothpicks are available in Spar, Shoprite, Grandsquare, 9 – 7, Ebeano, Hubmart, Delis, Ebro, La Pointe and other stores across the Country.


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