There is what is called IDEAL situation, there is what we call REALITY. In my personal religious sentiment, I really want to see a Muslim/Christian or Christian/Muslim ticket. That’s where it ended…My religious sentiment.

So, let’s get to reality and why All Progressive Congress and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will not yield to religious “ideal sentiment”. Every Political Party only wants to win election. Without politics, there’s no governance. After you’re through with Politics, then you can bring in your PLANS to govern a Nation!

Here’s the HYPOCRISY of many that are talking about this issue as though IT MUST BE SO. In the North, we’ve been having Muslim/Muslim ticket at the State level and no Northerner will talk about “why not Christian deputy”? Try Muslim/Christian ticket in the core North, you’ll lose election on earth, they will hear in heaven.

In the South, we’ve been having Christian/Christian ticket at the State level and no Southerner will talk about “why not Muslim deputy”? Try Christian/Muslim ticket in the core South, you’ll lose in South East, South South. It’s that simple and basic HYPOCRISY we are covering up to be talking as though it’s strange to us!

When PDP wanted to pick their flagbearer, EVERYONE knew that Buhari from the North is a Muslim who will eventually spend 8 years. No one spoke about PDP bringing a Christian flagbearer, even inside our Church Whatsapp groups. They knew Atiku would give a better chance to PDP.

So what was the reason for picking Atiku, a Muslim from the North as PDP flagbearer that YOU ALL were very happy about? PDP is focused on what any political party is focused about: TO WIN ELECTION FIRST. Why didn’t you pick from the South? You know you need to win election.

Obasanjo was the President in Nigeria when Zamfara started their Sharia law, did “Christian Obasanjo” stop that to “favor” the Christians? El-Zakzaky had been a menace for the people in the North, Buhari a Muslim didn’t look “Uche’s face” before dealing with him. HYPOCRISY.

In 2015, you didn’t support Buhari and APC with a PASTOR as the Vice President. In 2019, you didn’t support Buhari and APC with a PASTOR as the Vice President. In fact, the Church leaders with large CROWDS were openly campaigning for Atiku even when they had a fellow Pastor as VP in APC. who you dey advise?

With our religious sentiment, it’s obvious that a Muslim from the South will never become a President except the Tinubu personality that could break such jinx just like a Christian Northerner will never get into the Presidency until such CAPACITY comes up in the North.

So, why did you think APC supporters eventually pushed until Tinubu win the ticket? For APC to think of retaining power beyond Buhari, Tinubu with grassroot work across the Nation is needed FIRST, then his CAPACITY already seen in Governance can count LATER. Who you dey advise?

Ok, your vote will NEVER go to APC you’ve tagged in the negative since 2015, but you’re the one telling APC candidate who to pick in the North. Are you the one from the North that wants to vote for APC? So, why should APC listen to your view knowing that you will vote for others?

If I were Tinubu and APC caucus, here’s what will be my permutation: Tinubu is from the South West, his numbers will surge based on political strength and Yoruba sentiment this time around. Now, the East will go for PDP and Peter Obi NO MATTER who becomes APC’s candidate or Tinubu’s running mate.

If what will bring the number from the North is a capable hand who is a Muslim, be logical enough to explain to yourself why you think Tinubu/APC should go for a Christian VP when you know election is about NUMBERS. Tinubu should pick someone with CAPACITY and NUMBERS from the North. That is REALITY.

So, let this case of Muslim/Muslim or Muslim/Christian or Christian/Muslim rest, APC will do what will give them the NUMBER just like PDP and other parties are doing what will give them the number. If the choice of APC is bad for you, I think that should be to your advantage. Why then are you angry about what you feel will make APC lose and will be to the advantage of your preferred Political party or candidate outside APC?

If APC gives you Christian/Christian, will you have voted for APC in your life? I’m speaking to YOU from Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi, Winner’s Chapel etc. If APC has picked someone like Prof Wole Soyinka who is neither a Christian nor a Muslim, will you call that a balanced ticket?

We will have Tinubu and his VP on the APC ticket. I have been shouting in the Christian religious circle since 2014, they have been in opposition OPENLY. Please send your advise to the PDP you have interest in, APC will do what will give them edge.


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