Definition of terms:

CONTRADCTIONS: a combination of statements, ideas, or features which are opposed to one another. A situation in which inconsistent elements are present. The statement of a position opposite to one already made.

Judicial panel: a formal legal investigation conducted into a matter of public concern by a judge, appointed by the government.

Inquiry: An act of asking for information. an official investigation.

Massacre: An indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of many people. An act of killing a lot of people.

It was a very busy day for me at work when Ebun Adegboruwa and his team released a report of what they gathered on Social Media from his group and TAG same as the outcome of the Judicial panel of Inquiry Lagos State set up on the 19th October 2020. That date 19th October already showed you why those who still went ahead in protest on the 20th was a clear case of Insurrection in Lagos, nothing but civil disobedience punishable under the law of Nigeria.

 My Timeline on Twitter was already on fire as THEY were tagging me and distributing what I have said about #LekkiMassacre as #LekkiLies since October 2020. They were cursing, abusing, Insulting and rejoicing that they finally got me. I never knew that the “Whatsapp leaders” of different “concerned groups” were actually reading and following everything I wrote on this issue since last year till date.

This is to officially appreciate you all for reading and scrutinizing my Twitter page and my personal views on National issues. You have just taught me to be more PRECISE, CAREFUL and ASSERTIVE about my views. I acknowledged all your statements on my timeline on the 15th November 2021. Thank you, I saw your insults & curses although I didn’t respond to ANYONE. Not everyone is built to respond to jokes and barking dogs online, it’s not worth it and I hope you are not injuring yourselves in your groups. Just for record, I stand by everything I have said so far on this issue as no superior argument/update has been presented till date for me to change my initial stands since October 2020.  

Many people have done excellently on dissecting that leaked report by the Panel members. No one should be in doubt of how it was leaked and who leaked it out. There were six pro-LekkiLies propaganda in the panel of 8 people as constituted, THEY LEAKED THE REPORT DELIBERATELY. So, let me capture my thoughts on a few contradictions that may be of help in the days to come.

  1. The setting up of Judicial Panel in Lagos as a Contradiction.

Governor Sanwo Olu’s acceptance of the members of that committee was a complete contradiction to what any politician in history will accept.

You needed to see me that day, it was a complete let down. “We told Sanwo Olu, We warned Sanwo Olu. How could Sanwo hand over sword to his sworn enemies to finish him by all means? How could Sanwo Olu legitimately pay these people with tax payers’ money only for them to hang him unjustly?” blablabla….

We have a point and the point was obvious from the beginning. Look at those who constituted the panel and their obvious SENTIMENT about the same issue they were to INVESTIGATE:

• Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, SAN (Representative of the Civil Society)

• Rtd. D.I.G. Frederick Taiwo Lakanu

• Patience Patrick Udoh (Representative Civil Society)

• Mr. ‘Segun Awosanya (Human Rights Activist)

• Mrs. Oluwatoyin Odusanya (Director, Citizens’ Rights)

• Mr. Lucas Koyejo, Esq. (National Human Rights Commission)

• Majekodunmi, Temitope Oluwaseun (Youth Representative Nominated

by the Youth)

• Mr. Babajide Boye (Secretary)

Look at that list, Ebun Adegboruwa, Patrick Udoh, Segun Awosanya, Oluwatoyin Odusanya, Lucas Koyejo, Temitope Oluwaseun and Rinu that fell out on the way due to character challenge.

A list of nine at the initial stage had 7 ANTI-GOVERNMENT/PRO-Lekki-MASACCRE protagonists, who already showed their biases openly, yet Governor chose them to INQUIRE into what they already made their personal stand known about. Even if you sold them the TRUTH with FACTS, they will never BUY it.

Why would Governor Sanwo-Olu do this? Well, we may go ahead all day long to blame him, but isn’t that a sign of CLEAN and CLEAR CONSCIENCE in ensuring that beyond every reasonable doubt, no one would say the Government played any game of cover up? A dangerous game it was but, in the end it exposed how worse THESE people are in handling “sacred issues” of National and International importance. They were given enough space to expose themselves to the public without being gagged with political or executive power. Now you understand why many “investigative journalists” didn’t approach the panel with their Mascara list of dead people, everything would fall flat during cross examination as we have seen so far. Hence they simply published their dead names to get International grants and run on public emotions on Social media.

The first contradiction here is that those who have been calling politicians all kinds of names in handling National issues were given opportunity to prove a point to the International community, they simply came out worse in judgement than the politicians they abuse daily.

With this scary, costly and risky experiment of handing over judgement to your sworn “foes” calling themselves “activists, CSOs and NGOs”, no one in history will ever blame politicians or Government agencies when they insist they must teleguide and interfere with any committee. It is now obvious that as far as Nigerian space is concerned, no one is NEUTRAL and everyone runs with their own sentiment/agenda. Just one National assignment, they messed it up completely. Governors will change tactics completely including Governor Sanwo Olu.

  • Contradiction of Terms of Reference:

1. To identify victims of abuse, brutality and extra judicial killings in the hands of

Officers of the disbanded SARS and Officers of the Nigeria Police Force;

2. To carry out investigative duties in respect of Petitions/Memoranda received

on Police brutality and extra judicial killings in Lagos State;

3. To evaluate evidence and draw conclusions on the validity of such

Petitions/Memoranda received;

4. To determine and recommend compensation for verifiable/deserving victims

and their dependents; and

5. To interrogate serving or dismissed Officers of the disbanded SARS and

Officers of the Nigeria Police Force, responsible for the abuse of victims and recommend their prosecution.

Read their terms of reference, read their leaked report side by side with autopsy and forensic reports, you will be soberly disappointed that these guys spent 12 months to arrive at OBVIOUS INCOSISTENCIES that can be pointed out at a glance by Secondary School students.

How did a panel given mandate “To carry out investigative duties”, “To evaluate evidence and draw conclusions” come up with 9 DEACEASED names linked to Lekki Toll Gate when Autopsy report VALIDLY accepted by the Panel without any contrary opinion only mentioned one victim of gunshot that died and two different forensic report validly accepted by the panel showed that they couldn’t establish the use of Military ammunition in the entire incidence (Military didn’t fire live high velocity projectiles at EndSARS protesters at Lekki tollgate on 20th October 2020, claims security consultant and forensic expert)?

How could such panel PANEL-BEAT their own sentiments to arrive at their personal conclusion that contradicted SCIENTIFIC reports validly defended and handed over to them without relying on superior Scientific report? Oh, Ebun Adegboruwa just gave us another 2021 new definition of Massacre that has never been used anywhere in the World. Ebun now has Gift of PHD in English Language to redefine established words all alone.

  • Scientific Contradiction:

For you to fully grasp the TREASONABLE ACT of that panel beating work carried out, you will need to check the Autopsy report submitted VALIDLY to the panel and the two different Forensic reports VALIDLY submitted to the panel. Check online, you will see everything. In fact, the panel had to debunk the propaganda of some Newspapers known for their usual propaganda when some Nigerian media AS USUAL reported what was never said by Professor J.O Obafunwa. Autopsy report that only mentioned 3 death linked to Lekki as a whole and clarified that only one of those three had gunshot that couldn’t be linked to high velocity firearm of the Military, their headlines misled people by saying “panel admits reports of 99 persons killed during endsars”.

The report accepted without contradiction that only 3 autopsy reports were linked to Lekki as a whole. The panel accepted that out of those 3 autopsies linked to Lekki generally, only one had gunshot and that was a pellet not any bullet that could be linked to Military firearms submitted in the same panel. How then did they completely drop Scientific investigation in Autopsy and Forensic only to arrive at 9 imaginary deaths that couldn’t be verified?

How did they in the same report allude that the Military carried dead bodies away, and still had the names of those dead bodies? A body carried in the night according to them o. When they went for their “sting operation” to capture dead bodies in the Military Barrack, they got their disappointed as there was NOTHING of such.

 OK, if Army carried away those bodies, and they were not recorded in the deceased list, how did they accept this assertion when they couldn’t authenticate the location those bodies were taken to? The panel must be reprimanded sharply for wasting a whole 12 months and independence fully given to them by Lagos Government.

“Jide died at Lekki Toll Gate”, WHICH Jide? “Tola and Wisdom, MISSING, PRESUMED DEAD AT LEKKI TOLL GATE”? No Surnames, No ID, No BVN, No Social Media footprint in year 2020, no PVC, NOTHING…The victims were simply JTW (Jide Dead, Tola and Wisdom presumed dead). What level of kindergarten joke is this in year 2021?

Number 45 on the list: Nnatah Stanley Chimezie| Gunshot Injury| Lekki Toll Gate…

He says he was hit by by stray bullet on October 21“…WHERE? Alade Police Station, Shomolu, Lagos. How did a panel change this to 20th at Lekki?

 Nathaniel Solomon Died at the Lekki Toll Gate leaked report by Ebun Adegboruwa and his people, the same Nathaniel Solomon that appeared before the same panel beaters to testify about his own brother alleged to have died during EndSARS. #JusticeForKolade was a known trend of Police brutality in 2019, how did Kolade become a DEAD body of Lekki Toll gate in year 2020 as reported by the panel beaters of contradictions? Folorunsho Olabisi was linked to St Nicholas mortuary, the same Hospital debunked such falsehood in year 2020 and said they didn’t even have such facility, FROM WHENCE COMETH another forensic/autopsy/investigation to show exactly how Folorunsho died or WHERE?

There’s a video footage of Sunday Ibanga’s body surrounded by protesters around 1am according to CNN junk report.

That particular footage was about 3 hours AFTER the military was said to have left the scene. No one said the military came back to snatch the body away from them that midnight. If they were seen with the body as CNN featured this, where then is the body of Sunday Ibanga? The mother and the family clearly said they have not seen the corpse of their son. So what did FACT FINDING panel do to unravel this simple issue of Victor Ibanga? Panel beaters of contradictions. Which Investigation did they carry out to arrive at their own predetermined prejudice? Did anyone go to any place to identify extra body?

The only Olamilekan Ajasa that was found on Facebook who is living in Lagos still updated his Facebook wall this year around august 2021. Why didn’t they show us details of their own DECEASED Olamilekan Ajasa?

LAWMA tweet that Ebun Adegboruwa’s junk report was referring to as an evidence is still online on their page. The date was 23rd Oct 2020, that was complete 3 days AFTER #LekkiLies. How did the panel call a cleanup by LAWMA of 23rd “IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE INCIDENT OF OCT 20”?

Both Arise TV and ChannelTV were seen at the same scene the late night and early morning of 20th and 21st, did they show you any stream of blood anywhere or LAWMA cleaning the floor with KEYSOAP? Do you people know the meaning of shooting into the crowd with AK47 at all?

Look at this jokes written in the leaked report: “the Panel finds that most EndSARS protesters and victims of the Lekki Toll Gate Incident of October 20, 2020, were largely unwilling to be identified in public for fear of persecution or harassment by the security agencies and the government generally.”

So the victims were unwilling to be identified publicly, yet the panel-beaters still went ahead to authenticate death of people that couldn’t be corroborated? Remember that old man that wore native and native cap that was used to push Lekki Massacre then right? Yes, they covered up that propaganda when they noticed that the man’s location was already known and that he’s alive. They shielded him from attending the panel. Yes, they did so and no one asked why this man was OUT OF CIRCULATION, the media was complicit.

Even when Ebun Adegboruwa and others already knew what they would arrive at, why didn’t they apply a bit of intelligence to work their answers in such a way that it would be sellable? You see, Governor Sanwo Olu gave them enough rope to expose their own agenda and they didn’t disappoint at all. The only side of disappointment was that they didn’t package their propaganda intelligently.

The last contradiction to point out for now is how everyone was avoiding a clear disregard for the Executive pronouncement made around 11:45am on the 20th of Oct 2020 which everyone that stayed back at Lekki Toll gate insisted they would never obey. To remain on the same spot at the Lekki Toll gate six hours AFTER the curfew was declared was a clear definition of Insurrection. This leaked report didn’t even use a sentence to acknowledge Police men killed, Police station and other Government facilities attacked. Not a line to acknowledge that these act of insurrection led to the looting of many private facilities in Lagos and many who may never recover from their losses.

The law is always confused when those who blatantly break the law are asking the same law to defend them.

I have written more than enough on this issue since October 2020 and this particular leaked report just AUTHENTICATED my stand that #LekkiMassacre was a MYTH sold out in year 2020. That it was an undercover operation used to attack Lagos State in that terrorist attack of 2020.

Till TODAY, No evidence of massacre, the military has the right to assist the police to stop civil disobedience like it happened everywhere in the world. The State must always assert its power and bring every non State actor to obedience willingly or forcefully. The panel is a waste of public resources, they were all paid from Tax payers money from Lagos for 6 months, then they pushed it further and collected the same amount for the entire period of 12 months. The protest was an insurrection and it must be treated as one by the State.

What Ebun Adegboruwa’s team did in hijacking that report from the docile HONOURABLE JUSTICE DORIS OKUWOBI (RTD) is TREASON, it’s punishable under the law of treason. They should all be facing another panel IMMEDIATELY AFTER the white paper report is made available to the public. It is also a deliberate attempt to INCITE the public with falsehood against the Government. The way CNN & other International media platforms including USA embassy ran with it IMMEDIATELY without even checking the details showed you it was all orchestrated.

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