A Myth can be defined as a widely held but false belief or idea. It’s exactly one week today that the story of #LekkiMassacre broke out WORLDWIDE. It was an offshoot of #EndSARS protest in Nigeria. WAS THERE A MASSACRE? It must be answered!

In the midst of this International outburst about what is now known as #LekkiMassacre I had written an article to ask germane question based on the video @Djswitchaholic did where she narrated event of that night. You may take your time to read through the link here. https://ajakayeworld.com/was-there-a-massacre-at-lekki-toll-gate/

It is 7 days already and instead of asking PROBING QUESTIONS, many people are still into the act of emotional blackmail. Let’s get this clear. Whatever happened on the night of 20-10-20 was an unfortunate but #AvoidableCrisis. The question we must answer is WAS THERE A MASSACRE?

Truth by nature will stand alone IRRESPECTIVE of who accept or discard it. Sometimes around 2001, we were attending a wedding of a friend who was/is a Pastor. We were all in a place filled with Ministers of God or Seminarians. During our conversation, somebody said something I disputed all ALONE. The Pastor said “God said so-so-so must be pregnant before they had their ‘Church Wedding'”. Based on my persuasion as a Christian, I said “God can never say such a thing” to you Pastor. They went wild “Ha, bro Taiwo, it’s Prophet so-so that said so oo”. I opened the Bible!

Then I told them (the Ministers of the Gospel), even if Apostle Babalola said what you just said, I will tell him exactly what I said. The fact that Prophet Moses said anything would not change the fact when Jesus said “BUT I SAY UNTO YOU”. The point is this, TRUTH IS CONSTANT!

How did we get here about this #EndSARS that started as a worthy cause? SARS, an arm of @PoliceNG SPECIAL SQUAD had become notorious in the Southern Nigeria for years while doing great in the North. I Was told an event happened in Ugheli Delta that finally started this #EndSARS protest. It was a Nigerian fight at that moment!

Then #EndSARS gained ground, Supporters of ruling party o, opposition party o. Gender, Confused genders, Celebrities, Aisha Buhari’s domestic aide from Aso Rock, Religious leaders..Everyone supported the worthy cause AT THE BEGINNING. Did Government respond? YES nobody could deny that!

The Inspector General of @PoliceNG dissolved SARS and other tactical units…as in SCRAPPED its existence this time around unlike the previous “we hereby ban SARS”. It was dissolved on the Sunday 11th October. President Buhari addressed the Nation on the same issue by 12th of October 2020.

By Tuesday 13th the insistence that protest must continue and donation to keep people on the street was pouring in from local and International donors. “Peaceful protest” became a place to enjoy Shisha, Marijuana, food, concert, etc. #5FOR5 must be granted, Aluta Continua!

October 13th 2020, #5FOR5 was granted by the FG & State Governors also did their own part. That was Tuesday o, but the CELEBRITIES said the protest must continue & blockage of roads, Lekki toll gate in VIOLATION of other Nigerians’ right. Must we shed blood before result is seen?

Between October 18 & 19, the Judicial panel of Inquiry was already set up by Lagos Governor, this man @jidesanwoolu and his Deputy @drobafemihamzat were DAILY at the protest grounds to plead and dialogue. Bring 2 representatives to the panel, NIGERIAN YOUTHS said NO. Please explain that!

I made a thread on the 19th, “In the heat of victory, arrogance and overconfidence can push you past the goal you had aimed for, and by going too far, you make more enemies than you defeat. …Set a goal, and when you reach it, stop.”–Robert Greene

Look at the foolishness of egocentric GenerationZ. The same Judicial panel was set up BEFORE 20th and two representatives of the YOUTHS were demanded to be part of the panel. THEY REFUSED and said blocking of roads must continue. 11 days after, they are back to that same table!

Long before this #LekkiMassacre myth happened, Judicial panel was set up, we rejected it, we said we wanted to see crisis, “you f**cked up with the wrong generation”. Now 26th Oct, AFTER irreparable losses that was AVOIDABLE, @SavvyRinu and others agreed. Did Government shift ANYTHING or add anything to the request?

It’s been 7 days now, almost every death linked to #LekkiMassacre that brought about International RAGE has been debunked. It’s either a FAKE PICTURE, FAKE VIDEO, People that DIED in Lekki RESURRECTED to say “AYAM ALAIF O”, FAKE MOTHER doing video as an Impostor. Did it happen?

Things were already deteriorating in Lagos. Orile Police station was burnt down due to the alleged highhandedness of a Police. Things were becoming terrible across the State. @jidesanwoolu had to declare a curfew around 11:45am.

1. Was four hours enough to WALK AWAY from the protest? If they didn’t walk away in four hours and they PEACEFULLY disobeyed legal pronouncement, would they have walked away in 20 hours?

2. If the narrative was that Government is the one sponsoring EVERY ATTACK against Government, Government sponsored HOODLUMS NATIONWIDE to destroy everything we have seen according to you. Pick any of the videos and convince yourselves that everyone there were Government sponsored hoodlums. Go ahead!

Lagos-Ibadan express way was blocked. The major highway that links Lagos to other parts of Nigeria was BLOCKED, Livestock (cows,goats etc) coming from the North wasted, foods, Vegetables (tomato/onions) and other perishables were wasted due to PEACEFUL PROTESTERS to the LOSSES of other Nigerians legitimate earnings. “Agberos, Commercial drivers, alabarus, truck pushers” were sacked by peaceful protesters from earning their legitimate incomes for days by blocking Lekki toll gate and other public roads. Are you now back to dialogue table you once rejected prior to the unfortunate event that happened?

So let me round up by looking into this #LekkiMassacre that is turning out to be a MYTH:

1. Was it lawful to declare the curfew? YES.

2. Was the time (11:45am – 4pm) long enough to WALK AWAY from Lekki toll gate and other places of protest in Lagos after the declaration? YES.

3. Did they walk away? NO.

4. Who deployed the Military to the scene? Let us concede that the Military was deployed by their C-In-C Would that have broken any local or International law? When you keep asking “who deployed Soldiers”, what will happen if we finally hear that the President did that? Which Law will you quote to have been broken?

5. Will the deployment of Military by the C-In-C to that scene where Curfew had already been declared be against any local & International law? If you can answer that basic question, you will be learning a big lesson.

6. Were their gunshots at the scene? YES, we all heard gunshots and watched LIVE-STREAM from the night event.

7. Did they use live or blank bullets? We cannot tell, but we can all establish there were gunshots.

8. Did they shoot at the protesters? The people on ground said they shot at them directly. We also saw videos of gunshots to the air to disperse protesters. UNFORTUNATE SCENE!

9. Finally Was there #LekkiMassacre on the 20th October 2020? A Myth is a widely held but false belief or idea. It’s been 7 days, beyond emotion, can you please ask for the EVIDENCE OF MASSACRE? Why are you scared of asking for the EVIDENCE of MASSACRE till date instead of running emotion? Don’t you know that assumption is the lowest level of reasoning?

Remember what a massacre is: the unnecessary, indiscriminate killing of a large number of human beings or animals, as in barbarous warfare or persecution or for revenge or plunder. A general slaughter, as of persons or animals. Can we call what happened at Lekki toll gate a massacre without evidence?

Here is how peaceful protest looks like without infringing on the right of other Nigerians as such causing more pain and economic havoc to others.


  1. I have been following your tweets, threads, articles and documentary on this and other subjects, all I have to say is thank you for presenting the truth for those who mean well for our great country.


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