As Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Public Affairs, Ajuri Ngelale, on Monday, engaged Nigerians on Twitter for 12 hours answering questions on several subjects bordering on governance, he used the avenue to list several ways Buhari led administration has been creating more jobs for Nigerians.

In his response to a question about job creation, here’s what Ajuri said: “Let’s Start With Job Creation: Aside From The Expansion Of Our N-Power Scheme From Our Current 500,000+ To One Million By 2023, Access To Capital Is Critical Which Is Why We Are Expanding All Of Our Programs & Adding New Ones”.

The GEEP Scheme (Tradermoni, Etc) Which Has Impacted Over 1.7m Petty Traders Is Now Being Expanded Into The “PeopleMoni Bank”. This Bank Will Offer Larger Interest-Free Loans To 10 Million Nigerian SME Owners Of Up To N1m On An Escalating Credit Scale. Upon Faithful Repayment Of N50k, N100k, N250k, N500k, N1m Will Be Made Available.

We Believe That This Large-Scale Investment In Our People Will Enable Them To Expand Their Operations & Hire More Nigerians. Multiply The Impact Off Of 10m. PeopleMoni Bank Will Be Open To All Business Types: Tailors, Hairdressers, Mechanics, Plumbers, Keke Operators, Taxi Operators, Carpenters, Etc. So Long As You Have An “Auditable”, Verifiable Business & You Are A Nigerian Citizen, You Will Be Eligible.

Next, We Are Establishing An Unprecedented “Skill Up Nigeria” Program Which Will Pay A Modest Stipend To 10m Nigerian Trainees Who Will Train In World-Class Organizations Over A Period Of Time To Gain Practical Skills. The FGN Will Grant Participating Companies A 1% Payroll Tax Contribution Exemption In Exchange For Their Role In Training Nigerians. Once Our People Pass Through The Programme, They Will Have Access To Interest-Free Capital To Build Start-ups From A New “Entrepreneurship Bank.”

Separately, We Are Focusing On ICT-Focused Youths With Our $500 Million USD Innovation Fund, Supported By Multilateral Institutions Which Will Employ 500,000 Young ICT-Inclined Nigerians (Separate From N-Power) To Build Apps And Other Lucrative Business Ventures Through Innovation Hubs Built Throughout The Country. In Terms Of Sectoral Job Creation, We Fully Expect The Creation Of Over 5 Million New Jobs In Agricultural Mechanisation. In Our $1.1 Billion USD “Green Imperative” Deal With Brazil, We Will Manufacture 10,000 New Tractors & Establish 780 Mechanical Production & Goods Processing Centres Across Every Local Government Of The Federation.

We Have Also Signed An MoU With America’s John Deere To Establish New Agro-Mechanical Branch Industries. All Told, We Will Also Be Establishing New Quarantine Laboratories In Every Geo-Political Zone To Ensure That Our Raw & Finished Agricultural Products Are Standardized As World Class For Domestic Consumption And For Global Export. So Many Jobs Will Be Created As We Move Away From Archaic Farming Techniques In This 2nd Term Of President @MBuhari.

Also, Our Focus On Reviving Textiles Is Gaining Ground Quickly. We Fully Expect To Create Two Million Jobs In This Sub-Sector Alone. We Just Signed A $200 Million Deal With VLISCO Which Will Create 700,000 Jobs Alone Across That Value Chain. We Are Encouraging Textile Development.

By Supporting Cotton Farmers With Modern, High-Yielding Seedlings Since 2016 And Now They Are Producing Huge Yields. We Are Supporting Textile Factories & Ginneries With Capital Interventions From @cenbank And By Slashing The Price Of Gas To Textile Mills By 50%. Executive Orders Have Also Ensured That Bans On Textile Imports For Public Schools, Hospitals, Security Agencies Are Banned. Now, All Public Institutions Are Mandated To Sign Long-Term Deals With Nigerian Textile Manufacturers. Nigerian Jobs For Nigerian Citizens. All Of This From @MBuhari.


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