I kept checking the reaction of Nigerians online/offline, whatsapp group, religious groups, celebrities, politicians everywhere…Why should we celebrate #NigeriaAt60 they said?
Just a few #ReflectionAtNigeria on this thread today! There was this man in one of Yoruba’s fairy tales. His name is Mr Amukun. Mr Amukun carried a big load in his head & the villagers pointed it out to him that the load was bending, it’s not straight.

Disappointed at their illogical view, Amukun said Why don’t you look at my legs? Mr Amukun was not arguing about whether the load in his head was bending “somehow somehow”. His view was a simple logic, how do you expect the load in my head to be straight, when my legs are not straight?
Should we celebrate #NigeriaAt60 at all?

What is it within 1960-2020? WHAT? So shouldn’t we look at what had made #NigeriaAt60 a reflection of Mr Amukun whose legs aren’t straight?
The only problem with any Nation are THE PEOPLE. The problem with Nigeria is THE PEOPLE, nothing more.
The same PEOPLE saying why should we celebrate #NigeriaAt60…NIGERIANS. 

THE PEOPLE in Nigeria Politics since 1960 who had opportunity to help her, but chose to RAPE her now, turning around to say Nigeria is on life support AFTER raping her to coma.

Sani Abacha

THE PEOPLE in Nigeria who are still supporting RAPISTS in whose care Nigeria was crippled. THE PEOPLE! THE PEOPLE like Obasanjo who had opportunity TWICE to make Nigeria walk/fly but chose to build his own empire by RAPING Nigeria.

OBJ built his own UNIVERSITY when Nigeria Universities were on the longest strike under his watch.
Messed up Nigeria public education. Sorry NIGERIA! THE PEOPLE like @atiku who was the VP to Obasanjo. We handed over Nigeria to their care. Atiku saw that opportunity as a means to rape Nigeria to a pulp.
He also like Obasanjo built his own University when Nigeria Universities were on their longest strike.
Sorry Nigeria! Nigeria was handed over to Shagari, what did he do with it? it was plundered into debts.

When Buhari came as Military head of State to salvage it, the “owners of Nigeria PLC” ganged up & took Nigeria back by force. Ibrahim Babangida started the raping that Nigeria never knew b4!And after Babangida came Abacha.
For some of you crying about “we used to buy a bag of rice for N7K in 2014”, guys, we used to buy Rice under Abacha for N800 before DEMOCRACY came. Abacha died on June 8 1998 and dollar to Naira was not up to N22/$1.

Let’s go back to that era🤣If you ever thought Abacha period was bad in Nigeria, a bag of Rice was selling for N800. Abacha died on June 8 1998 & dollar to Naira was not up to N22/$1. Good ECONOMY abi?🤣
Onyeka Onwenu allegedly collected N1M in 1998 while supporting Abacha to continue in office forever!🤣 If I check now, I’m sure Onyeka Onwenu who asked Abacha to continue forever in office during 2 million match for Abacha in 1998 also would have said “Why should we celebrate Nigeria”….

Ehen, That same entity NIGERIA was handed over to Obasanjo. That raped NIGERIA as at 1999!If you ever imagined that a bag of Rice is the measure of governance, a bag of Rice was less than N1000 before Obasanjo took over in 1999 & dollar was less than N22. Fuel price was around N20 before OBJ took over.
So what happened AFTER ABACHA that everything began to go up?

Obasanjo took Nigeria & made fortune out of it. For Obasanjo & Atiku, rulling Nigeria was a means to MAKE IT HUGE.
Obasanjo wanted 3rd term, so he monetized the National Assembly & since then, we have not recovered.
Like a destitute girl, they raped NIGERIA at every opportunity.

Why can’t Nigeria be great to the extent we hoped it ought to have been by now? @atiku said they would pay billions, it all went down the drain. Question, why were they watching the billions without project execution? They were part of those who raped Nigeria. #NigeriaAt60

In the history of those who raped Nigeria to a pulp, it seems @atiku was more brutal than others before him.
Atiku sold ALSCON in Akwa Ibom State that fed thousands of Nigerians worth $3b for less than $200m. That BUSINESSMAN you said should come & rape Nigeria again. Demons!

Atiku was RAPING NIGERIA through the use of INTEL to TAX Nigeria Port Authority around 28% of it’s income since 2010 SIGNED by whoever was in power then.
Should we celebrate #NigeriaAt60 Nigeria they raped to a pulp? The same PEOPLE opened their mouth wide to abuse that Nigeria.

Need to mention Y’radua’s tenure. No need. For some of you who were still wearing pant when Y’aradua was the President, what did they tell you about him? “He was a good President”🤣🤣🤣
Y’aradua was a waste of opportunity Obasanjo imposed on Nigeria to punish her! DORMANT!! And their the season of concerted multiple rapists mounting this poor Nigeria all at the same time in 2010.
Crude oil price went high & up. Nigeria had every opportunity to be healed from her past rapists.
Everyone mounted their position & raped every bit of Nigeria..ALL OF THEM! Forget about Jonathan as the President for a moment in those 5 years.

Think about Nigerians like @SamAmadi who was given a privilege to lead @NERCNG. What did they do to NIGERIA in their little corner?
Who were behind P&ID deal in 2010?
Who was in Aviation?
Who was in works? Who was in different sector of helping Nigeria to stand from her crippling position over the years?
At least if you can’t help Nigeria, you should have left her the way she was. Males. Females, Civil Servants, Public servants, Bankers, Oil marketers. TECHNOCRATS…RAPISTS!

So should we celebrate #NigeriaAt60 when the same people castigating her were the same people who raped her & crippled her?
Show me what happened in each State since 1999, at least they had Governors. The same former Governors like Fayose would say “Nigeria is on life support”🥲🥲 

What did they do & how did Nigeria get herself into $63.8 billion debt as at May 29 2015? Good, I never had issue with loan. What exactly did they use the loan to achieve? Ok, they can’t account for that, how about oil boom up to 2014? WHERE IS THE MONEY?

They’re abusing Nigeria!Are the decisions since 2015 tough? It has been very tough on all of us. Are they decisions to heal this same Nigeria that had suffered multiple abuse in the hands of her lovers? Yes they are although painful & tough.

Did we do anything serious about diversification before now?Be sincere to yourself, have you seen anything this serious in Aviation sector, Ministry of Works & Housing, Railway projects, Military equipment, Diversification etc?

Tunde Ayeni Skye Bank boss who destoyed economy taking out over N100B loan would abuse #NigeriaAt60. SHAME!

Top guys in Bank who were helping politicians in money laundry to rape Nigeria, Civil servants across the States & FG who keep hiding files. Police officers who can;t do without bribe. This old NEPA staff who built mansion from LOOTING would shout “Nigeria has failed” also. WOW!

Your NGOs who have refused to show accountability like 

@SERAPNigeria whose hands are filled with looting & mismanaging grants they got USING Nigeria as their food ticket to access dollars will open their mouth to shout “Nigeria has failed”. Who raped her?

So when I saw this particular picture being used on whatsapp to depict Nigeria, I almost jumped & asked the people sharing it “what did you do to NIGERIA in your own way”?
Didn’t you support those who raped her like Atiku?
Didn’t you also enjoy the season of destroying her?Should we celebrate #NigeriaAt60?

Religious leaders who helped those raping Nigeria to move MONEY out of Nigeria, why are you complaining now?
You went to Aso Rock & never defend the Nation but your new Jets, WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING?
When exactly did you wake up to love her?😇😇

And to you @NGRPresident@MBuhari,
The issue from your supporters are not whether you are doing well or on the right path. YES YOU ARE.

The main issue now is that you don’t have all the time to waste our opportunity by keeping those who are not living up to expectation. 

#NoTIme o. All this permanent immunity you keep giving everyone appointed both in civil service & public service is not helping us. NIGERIA as an entity has been raped for decades, we can’t afford wasting time on any sector not performing..e.g NOA, Police, Civil Service MESS!So, should we celebrate #NigeriaAt60 with all these obvious issues?

The fact that we’re debating that question clearly showed that the past failed this land. Since you cannot build something on nothing, you’ve got to appreciate what the present leader is doing with little income.Celebrate Nigerians who are MAKING us proud in Sport, Education, World of Science & Technology, Entertainment ets. Those Doing their best in the National Assembly, Ministers doing their best, Guys making us proud WORLDWIDE. We keep breaking every barrier!
Celebrate #NigeriaAt60


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