At first I thought it was a serious work since it was done by an International reputable Media @CNN. Alas, I was filled with disappointment that the bar of Investigative journalism even in the so called first WORLD is not different from the third WORLD.

I tried to check the CNN investigative video out after seeing noise AS USUAL in Nigeria e-hoodlums thinking something extra terrestrial had finally been found about the first “bodyless Massacre” in human history. Exactly four weeks after the MYTH called #LekkiMassacre@CNNAfrica was doing CUT & PASTE of what was already available to us in Nigeria Social media space. What a shame!

Let us make it very simple to show you how disgraceful the so called “investigative journalism” by the acclaimed International media was. I already made my views on DJ Switch known. Please read, then come back to see the nonsense CNN did. Click here

Learn this and you will have peace of mind. A case of Massacre couldn’t have been this difficult to proof in year 2020 EXCEPT you want to go into the realms of CONSPIRACY that @CNN has been involved in for decades when they want to destabilize any Nation. Lekki is not in a remote side guys, it is not this difficult in this Technology age!

In the year of SORO SOKE generation with smart phones, Cameras, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Independent TV stations, after 30 days you are struggling to prove that Massacre happened, we need to consult 1572 St Batholomew’s massacre which we can call stone age to settle your STRUGGLE in year 2020 in the attempt to prove MASSACRE case that could have been easily recorded with multiple devices on the spot. Click here to read about 1572 St Batholomew’s massacre

 Nigerians did not wait for 30 days to prove that massacre happened in Asaba 1967. Why then did you think something that happened in a metropolitan city like Lagos is taking too long to even establish that two people died in connection to Lekki toll gate? Was there a Massacre at Lekki on Oct 2020?

So what happened at #LekkiTollGate that a so called CNN couldn’t get like Odi, Zaki Biam and Shiite cases some of us witnessed in Nigeria?
You want to know what happened? International Conspiracy that @CNN did in Libya, Iraq, Syria etc happened. Nigeria is not Libya or Syria, so they are still pushing very hard to destabilize it.

As at 23rd of October 2020, @CNN MISLED the WORLD by saying at least 38 people were killed at Lekki incidence. They can’t prove ANY till now. Then 29 days after they were struggling to prove that one person died in a MASSACRE by bringing CUT & JOIN videos of DJ Switch and Godson together as evidence. HOW?

DEFINITION OF TERMS: Massacre– “The unnecessary, indiscriminate killing of a large number of human beings or animals, as in barbarous warfare or persecution or for revenge or plunder.a general slaughter, as of persons or animals:the massacre of millions during the war.

MYTH: “Any invented story, idea, or concept:His account of the event is pure myth.” “An imaginary or fictitious thing or person. An unproved or false collective belief that is used to justify a social institution.”

So what’s new in this 5 minute and 54 second INVESTIGATION of @CNNAfrica as compiled by @StephanieBusari one of the #EndSARS violence enablers who sat far away to instigate violence in Nigeria? What’s New? NOTHING.
They simply REPACKAGED old lies then garnished with “geolocation footage”.

There are two Testimonies outside the shores of Nigeria:
@BBCAfrica & @CNNAfrica
BBC reporter was PHYSICALLY at Lekki toll gate, CNN reporters were not physically on ground BEFORE, DURING or AFTER the 20th October Incidence. Who should be more credible please? BBC reporter ON GROUND said @HQNigerianArmy shot in the air for about 25 minutes. Nigerian Army at @LagosSarsPanel said they used blank bullet.
Did @CNN show you in that embarrassing “INVESTIGATION” the pool of blood where AK47 that could fire 600 rounds per minute was said to have been used?

What was special or NEW about the repackaged propaganda by @CNNAfrica? CNN said “We are going to tell a story that is radically different”… Did they tell anything different except by quoting DJ Switch and Godson video footage that couldn’t prove any Massacre? They LIED TO YOU! At around 00:48 of the video by @CNN they showed the video of Godson. What they refused to show you was where Godson said “peaceful protesters” came with local guns and instruments”…”Na our boys dey shoot”.
Why did CNN cut off that part? Who did Godson boys shoot at? If they used local guns and Army didn’t record any casualty on their side that night, who then did the local guns hit? INVESTIGATE!

Here’s what @CNNAfrica hid from Godson CUT and PASTE video they called investigation..

TIME: 13:34-45…Listen to the guy at the background of Godson video HERE; “that na local guns sound…na our own be that”. Listen to TIME 21:40-55 -“gun dey”. Listen to 45:45-59 upward- calls for “Tools, Instruments etc”.

CNN said @HQNigerianArmy left Bonny camp at around 6:29PM and they thought they had done something INVESTIGATIVE.
Dear @CNN, can you also show us through Satellite Imagery or whatever technology what happened when @HQNigerianArmy was allegedly using Live bullets at the scene? Why are you not using your technology to show us the REAL EVENT? What is SPECIAL in telling us what we already knew?

You said at 6:43PM you started to hear gunfire. We already knew all these four weeks ago.
What your investigative prowess should have brought to the table is the VIDEO of how AK47 by @HQNigerianArmy were killing people. Do you know the meaning of MASSACRE in English Language at all? Have you been able to ascertain your propaganda that at least 38 people were killed that night?

Okay, they mentioned one name whose family are too SCARED to come to the @LagosSarsPanel. We have seen that picture BEFORE you did your INVESTIGATION, there is nothing new. Can you now tell the family to approach the panel or is it another stunt of Anthony who died of Mortocycle accident? If the people had the picture of the dead, where then did they depose the dead body since “his brother” claimed he was called around 1am? Note, Army already left ACCORDING to you long before 9pm. So who took his body away?

1. Can CNN say two flags were used on the same person in the midst of LIVE BULLETS that unfortunate night?
2. Was this picture taken at Lekki BEFORE or AFTER the @HQNigerianArmy left since DJ Switch said they left with dead bodies? If they had left, where then was his body deposed? Remember this Picture was already online as at 21st of Oct. Is this Lekki toll gate?

Also remember that @channelstv correspondence was at Lekki toll gate EVEN AFTER the shootings, so did they see pool of blood?
Can CNN use their “INVESTIGATIVE Satellite” to show WHEN the blood streams were being CLEANED with detergents such that there’s no trace SUDDENLY? We are talking about Pool of blood guys. Where were the reporters and why couldn’t anyone have the video/picture of how the entire blood was wiped off the road overnight?

Always remember that we’re talking of SORO SOKE generation with at least one camera phone per person INCLUDING DJ Switch who was on ground that night.
If we had more than 1000 youths there, why can’t we SEE at least 500 pictures/video from at least 500 phones in 2 weeks now?
Why are they waiting for just 1 LCC or Fashola Camera? How could you jettison your own 500 smart phones with capacity to record or take pictures and be waiting for your opponent’s one camera to prove you right?

Again CNN was ANALYZING those bullet casings to show that it was LIVE BULLETS used by the @HQNigerianArmy. Guys, DICON in Nigeria manufacture what our Military needs now and it doesn’t make sense to imagine that with all the security challenges, they are still using bullets manufactured as far back as 2007.
The name tags that @channelstv showed us as a sign of Army being at the scene, were they taken from military men running away that night, did you ever see any account that they were pursued by protesters? Who brought those tags to Lekki to IMPLICATE @HQNigerianArmy? Any comment?

If those name tags and rank tags of @HQNigerianArmy could be brought to Lekki toll gate in order to implicate Army, couldn’t bullet casings and the likes also be brought by the same people? Was this not a well planned crisis? Can we say name tags dropped from the Army with AK47 in their hands?

So what’s the conclusion about this poorly CUT and JOIN story of CNN? It was an unprofessional and uncoordinated disjointed analysis of event. CNN would report DJ Switch saying Army spent less than one hour and left, the same CNN would say “an eye witness said Army was still shooting as at 2:30AM”. Confusion is even confused.

They hope to instigate the same crisis they have instigated in Syria, Iraq, Libya. Unknown to them, THIS IS NIGERIA. We know your game. Stephanie Busari will eventually face the music, Nigeria will never become your war zone where you harvest fortunes.
Nigeria is not one of your Conquered territories, WE ARE NIGERIANS, we will fix our problems WITHOUT YOU! BACK OFF NOW!!


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