There is a big problem in Nigeria among the educated folks and it’s becoming highly embarrassing when the media also help AMPLIFY the ignorance of the PHD HOLDERS.

The madness of the ignorance of the educated folks being amplified by @PremiumTimesng started when @toluogunlesi posted a video about @MBuhari
#TwitterNG went agog also on @BashirAhmaad

“A rapidly spreading video which appeared to show President Muhammadu Buhari giving an incoherent reply to a question at a United Nations climate change panel in New York has sparked social media furore”..@PremiumTimesng
You are ignorant, there was nothing incoherent in his speech…IGNORANCE!

Here are the people you quoted having problem with the video clip:
@AishaYesufu , @gimbakakanda@DemolaRewaju@BlazeBeat1@iamimanuel@flave15@zeal_a@IneLizzy@emekaudokwu@OgbeniDipo…. Premium Times Newspaper simply AMPLIFIED their ignorance by quoting them in your publication. IGNORANCE!

According to Dipo Olajide on his twitter handle:
“I really don’t know what is going on in that Buhari’s UN video but no one should be reading a speech from a paper or iPad or whatever on a panel discussion. You should speak from your head and engage the audience. That is if it is a panel discussion”

According to Schedule, the panelists already knew the TOPIC: Towards a Resilient Future
Announcements of plans to mainstream climate risk in decision making by:
• Fiji: Prime Minister, H.E. Mr. Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama
• Nigeria: President, H.E. Mr. Muhammadu Buhari

“No one should be reading a speech from a paper or iPad or whatever on a panel discussion. You should speak from your head and engage the audience. That is if it is a panel discussion”…
Dipo, THEY ALL CAME WITH THE PREPARED SPEECH on PAPER & iPAD…Pure arrogance in Ignorance.

I am sure you can see with your own eyes and common sense that THEY ALL CAME WITH PREPARED SPEECH…ALL OF THEM.
You can all see that everything has to do with CLIMATE CHANGE & RESILIENT FUTURE which was the TOPIC of discussion at this particular session.
Shame on ignorance of the educated illiterates in Nigeria, especially the media.

President @MBuhari was the 2nd among the 5 panelists to speak, & he also made use of his PREPARED SPEECH just like other panelists. So tell me dear educated folks, what exactly did you say you found difficult to understand here? The question, the Speech or the use of prepared speech?

After President Buhari ended his speech, the 3rd panelist Prime Minister H.E. Mr. Mark Rutte from Netherlands also made his own PREPARED SPEECH & READ EVERYTHING from his PAPERS. Ki ni PROBLEM yin na, what is dehydrating the brains of these educated folks in Nigeria and almost the entire media houses?

After Netherlands, Governor Mr. Mark Carney of Bank of England being the 4th panelist also made use of his PREPARED SPEECH in relation to the CONTEXT of CLIMATE CHANGE & RESILIENT FUTURE.
What did they do right that Buhari did wrong? You have disgraced your PHD with IGNORANCE and journalists are part of this problem of brain drain unfortunately!

Governor, Mr. Mark Carney of Bank of England as the 4th panelist went through & made his presentation from a PREPARED SPEECH throughout.
Wait, did say that’s wrong about Buhari?
Okay, should we agree that the 5 panelists were dumb, foolish & incompetent?

CEO & Board Director, Mr. John Haley of Willis Towers Watson was the last person to speak after Bank of England Governor, Mr. Mark Carney.He also made use of his PREPARED SPEECH reading EVERYTHING just like Buhari you love to hate did.Why are you guys celebrating IGNORANCE?

They all came with PREPARED SPEECH, they all did exactly what you were castigating Buhari for.
They all delivered their speech using the same template that Buhari used. So, why exactly have you been crying since?
Why do you guys celebrate your ignorance with arrogance?

When the issue of P&ID $9B was being discussed a few weeks ago, you ALL in your usual arrogance and ignorance abused hell out of Buhari for not paying $800M that PHD holder Jonathan already agreed to pay P&ID. PMB was right, YOU ARE ALL WRONG AGAIN. Now that you heard that Nigeria can appeal against enforcement of $9B judgement according to UK court, did you give him his due accolades?

When you are all through disgracing your education, you will eventually come to this reality that education does not automatically transfer WISDOM to the educated.
Wisdom is the principal thing, with all thy PHD, get UNDERSTANDING….


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