So, let me quickly drop this as my final thoughts before #APCPrimaries that shall eventually declare the Next Presidential Candidate who shall take over from President Buhari.

Emotions apart, All Progressive Party only has Two Major Generals that pushed out

PDP in 2014. Both came with their political capitals, Buhari with his “cult like followership” from the North which he built over the years based on his tested & trusted integrity.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu from the South West came into this alliance with his unprecedented Political capital doggedness from the South West which he built over 15 years of consistency between 1999-2014. When others were swept away by PDP then, Tinubu MAINTAINED his base firmly. He came with six States fully controlled by ACN to this alliance that’s not the beauty bride of everyone. He came with his intellectual capacity that is always ahead especially in Human Resource Management and brain Talent Hunting.

So let’s be clear, Buhari is not a godfather to Tinubu and can never be, both of them have their base & are General in their respective base. Asiwaju coming out to say he wants to be the President of Nigeria after President Buhari in APC shouldn’t even be a debate, HE IS CAPABLE!

Any other analysis you will throw up into the alliance that brought up APC as a party is minor, the MAJOR players are just two, Buhari bringing CPC, Tinubu bringing ACN. Others only joined because the REAL ANCHORS were set. History was made and PDP was kicked out.

I said all that just to unveil reality that many of you have been running away from and to help YOU drive away that illusion that someone else will emerge as a consensus candidate in APC apart from Tinubu. I hope you will embrace reality TODAY.

Every other candidate from Jonathan, Osinbajo, Amaechi, Pastor Tunde Bakare etc are waiting to be anointed as the consensus. If you are President Buhari with all darts of arrow of prayers and incantation directed at him ALONE to anoint the candidates of different camps as the consensus, you’ll be confused!

So LOGICALLY speaking, APC as a party has had only two consensus candidates since its inception, Buhari & Tinubu. In 2014 APC primaries, Buhari was more of a consensus candidate that needed the political doggedness of Tinubu to authenticate that.

So at the APC convention, by doing all the groundworks to stop Atiku and others for the President and the Vice President to eventually emerge then, Tinubu did what only Tinubu could do. Again, if you have any baggage you want to use on Tinubu, maybe you should check again. Could it be that he took the fall for those you love so that they will remain CLEAN in Politics while he was doing everything for them? We may talk about 2014 and how people went all out for the emergence of Buhari against all odd.

Morally speaking, Tinubu has paid his dues FULLY to both internal & National democracy by standing firm to build opposition that gave Nigerians at least option of making choices. If it’s that easy, others should do it, we need viable opposition at every point.

Technically Speaking, he is the main pillar of APC if you take away the other leg which is Buhari. Others seeking the highest office on the same platform are all qualified but, no one can deny that Tinubu has done more for the party than all of them. The platform didn’t just happen, someone did the work.

So in all sides of analysis, there’s nothing you can use to disqualify Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu or to think he only wants to lay claim to it because of politics…The man is overqualified, judge him by placing him side by side the other 35 Governors of his time. Judge his competence.

Judge him with the same parameters you will use for any other mortal men and women that will seek for the office. Take away him being a godfather to sensible leaders like Fashola, Osinbajo and others, judge him based on his CAPACITY to deliver & his understanding of the time since 1999.

That’s why I took a little time to explain this when I wrote about my choice some weeks back.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the unveiling of the APC consensus candidate as we go into #APCPrimaries, His name is Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu. The builder of leaders, the trailblazer & a dogged politician. Guess what, this consensus candidate by default said every aspirant must be given opportunity to contest and test their popularity during #APCPresidentialPrimaries scheduled for the 30th of May 2023. Now that you know, bring LOGIC into the conversation. #BAT2023 #Tinubu2023


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