The easiest election I am seeing ahead of Nigeria is #NigeriaDecides2023 The reason it’s simple is because @OfficialAPCNg shall be handing over to APC flagbearer to CONTINUE the positive works of this Buhari led administration especially in the area of Infrastructures, UPGRADE & ACCELERATE where this admin is failing.

I’ve seen many among the PROGRESSIVES wailing & crying, & I kept asking what the issues are that made them so agitated. They’re so unsettled about 2023 election. Since I don’t see what they’re seeing, I’ll kuku be fixated on what I’m seeing. APC already won the general election in my book.

The real battle is within APC & it’s been very obvious. Fortunately, the huddles set so that the National Convention of the party wouldn’t happen somehow gave way a few weeks ago through the sting operational wisdom of Buhari albeit late, so @OfficialAPCNg is back on track & obviously SOLID towards 2023 General election. The ASPIRANTS are coming out…SOLID NAMES EVERYWHERE IN APC!

I don’t like playing HIDE & SEEK game, I love to be known for WHERE I STAND on almost every issue that I’m involved in even IF I’m standing alone. I’m used to it in real life, so online is just to catch cruise, it’s easier to say it online for me, I have many QUALIFIED ASPIRANTS this time around.

Choosing between Good and bad is simple in this context, you simply choose one and let go of the other. But the choice between many VIABLE and POSITIVE options is always a challenge even in real life. You’re asked to choose between 3 different Oil & Gas employment with good pay at the same time. That’s a very good problem to deal with but also very confusing. Now you got the drift.

Before Tinubu came into the equation, If I had my way, I would prefer having at least 4 people in Aso Rock in 2023: Fashola+PYO+Umahi+Amaechi. That’s how far I could see and how confident of brighter choices from the South towards 2023 I could expect. Then, the Tinubu factor set in in 2022.

Beyond the choices I had before now, Tinubu seems to give extra in my own opinion, & that’s good enough to upgrade my choice among the choices. I need a Private Sector TECHNOCRAT, who is a PUBLIC SECTOR PERFORMER, with CAPACITY to choose ABLE hands. Guess what, I Also need a POLITICIAN!

That POLITICIAN aspect is what is missing in President Buhari since 2015, that’s why many things don’t matter to him and other politicians are taking advantage of that to the detriment of the Country. All the choices in my own book ahead of APC Presidential Primaries are very excellent, but personally, I’ll prefer Tinubu while I respect the choice of my people who prefer other aspirants within APC.

But this Tinubu came with his baggage. The baggage acquired while trying to uplift others to their places of destiny they couldn’t have gotten to ORDINARILY. So, think about why you don’t want Tinubu, then analyze it further. Let me mention a few as I round up this up:

No one is in doubt of Tinubu’s administrative prowess, if you’re in doubt, it’s because you’re doubting your own sanity. Tinubu showed that a State can be self DEPENDENT by taking advantage of good crisis. Obasanjo stopped Lagos allocation contrary to the Constitution he swore to protect and uphold, that was a catalyst for Lagos to EXCEL! You will never see Buhari acting in such horrible Obasanjo’s way towards any Governor even if they are in opposition party. The River State fund held back by previous administration during Governor Amaechi was paid to Governor Wike by this administration.

That was the last time Lagos State depended on the Federal Government allocation. That paved way for Lagos IGR to expand beyond imagination, since then, they have never looked back. Judging him based on his past as Governor in Nigeria, he can administer Nigeria seamlessly.

That one Tinubu, a Governor between 1999-2007 could gather excellent brains to run the affairs of Lagos in his 8 years, such that 80% of them are still very relevant in high places till date shows that if given a chance to lead Nigeria, he can replicate the same and even more. #GiftedHand.

That one Governor Tinubu in Lagos within 8 years as a Governor stood his ground against the FG by using the Constitution to fight his cases, insisting the the judiciary should interpret what the law says until he won FG many times showed someone who isn’t scared of challenges and ready to make democracy robust by testing the law.

That one Ahmed Bola Tinubu in Lagos having excellent team comprising of PYO insisted in testing the law to recapture the mandate of the people of Osun State for his Party and Aregbesola is another reason to desire him above others. PDP hated him because of Aregbesola. A Baggage he has to bear along with him.

So think about the baggage he carried just to get Aregbe and ACN to the throne. You see why PDP hated him with passion. But that baggage was because he got down to do the dirty job for Aregbe and ACN as a party he believed in. That’s leadership Nigeria needs… He is very RESOLUTE and passionate in helping others.

So, looking for a leader whose view is well advanced ahead of his generation, I think Bola Ahmed Tinubu should lead the team from Aso Rock in 2023. This is not a candidate of “I will and I can”, it’s a candidate of “I wish and I had”. He had taken the bullet for others, his State and his political party. Left to the weakness of other Governors in his time, there wouldn’t have been opposition party in Nigeria again. He stood his ground against the ruling party then and encouraged political diversification.

You can’t say you’re a Buharist but you don’t want Tinubu, it will never make any sense. Politics is a game of the good, the bad and the ugly. For all of us to see Buhari and Osinbajo in a CLEAN SHEET and white linen winning election both in 2015 and 2019, Tinubu chose to do the SHIT of ugly side that painted them as saints to us. THINK!

You can’t say I love Fashola, Ambode, Sanwo-Olu, Osinbajo etc, then turn around to DESPISE Tinubu by tagging any baggage on him. The people who hated him from within the party only did so because he helped THESE NAMES you love so much to climb on his shoulder to STARDOM. He took the mess for them while they glow in glory!

Till tomorrow, those who were already prepped to become the VP to Buhari in 2014 would never forgive Tinubu. Why? He brought Professor Osinbajo from nowhere, using his political shoulder to present him ahead of them all. The baggage from that act is still being used against him from within APC.

Did you see that Bullion Van picture some have been using to taunt him since 2019? No court of law will ever call it illegal because there’s nothing illegal about bullion van in private homes. But, was Tinubu in the ballot in 2019? The beneficiaries of that “bullion van game” are our reference ideal politicians while the person that went all the way for them must cary the baggage. That baggage is still on him just for others to win.

So, I have no problem thinking about cabinet members, the best of Nigerians will fill up. I have no issue about the dirty game of opposition party, NGOs/CSOs that are being used from within and without to destabilize Nigeria, Tinubu is ahead in that game, he will deal with them and they know this!

What Tinubu set up since 2001 as his vision is still playing out in Lagos: Lagos Free Trade Zone where Dangote and others are now, Eko Atlantic City, IntraCity Rail line that Governor SanwoOlu will finish this year 2022, etc…If we’ve had Governors with capacity like Tinubu since 1999 & 2007 along with him, each States would have gone far and the burden of overpopulation will not be on Lagos where everyone migrate to because of failure of other States in Nigeria.

So for now, the focus is APC Primaries. If anyone from within APC insults any APC aspirants online that I’m aware of, I’ll just block the person and move on. I support Senator Tinubu far above others. However, I’ll showcase the good works of our Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Governor Umahi of Ebonyi, Minister Amaechi and other aspirants. Na delegates dey choose winner for party primaries, so why I go quarrel with others on top wetin I no fit choose?

I be ONLINE DELEGATE, I don choose my one already!


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