Taiwo_Ajakaye@dmightyangel·36mWHEN BUHARI SPEAKS Buhari’s speech is inaudible, yet highly effective. His speech is in actions, not in oratory prowess that wow emotions for a moment.. Pensioners heard him loud & clear. Infrastructures coming up keep speaking for him.. Today, #NYSCAlert has made the statement

TheRawdeeyaOfLagos @therawdeeya
·12hOld Alawee #NYSCAlert NewAlaweeQuote Tweet



JO EL@aManCalledJoel·11hJeff: this guy, you have bought car, house, a yatch and even an estate, are now doing ritual? Joel: noooo, my #NYSCAlert just entered o #NYSC

·5hImagine Man Utd Transferring Bruno Fernandes’ money via Access bank


Ed Woodward sent 49,000,000 Sporting Lisbon received 46,565,109. Bank charges

Auba Chelsea Oyedepo Bruno Fernandes Cedric #Funeral#BrunoFernandes#NYSCAlert

The Flawed Guy @Pheexy_
·1hOn behalf of all 2019 NYSC members, I want to let all current undergraduates and those yet to be know that the struggle to attain the new minimum wage wasn’t an easy one, just like our past heroes who fought for our independence,the fight wasn’t an easy one


#NYSC#NYSCAlert4313|Beautiful AREWA.COM@Mayor38·1hE be like #accessbank don use alawee play 5 odds. #NYSCAlert

Sanruk Musa @saniology·41mNow some Corps members will start feeling like them reach Otedola or Dangote stage. Small thing, no be me way u know before oo.



Bashir Ahmad@BashirAhmaadLadies and gentlemen, this promise is also kept, the #NYSC allowance is officially N33,000.00. Members have started seeing their 33k #NYSCAlert payment for the month of January, 2020. Many thanks to President Muhammadu Buhari.12:54 PM · Jan 31, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

 Ola@hollaOla_·14hWhen your friends are sending you screenshot of 33k alert, but you use Access Bank #NYSC#NYSCAlert1915962.4K


Following the announcement of the N33,000 monthly allowance for the members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), the members have been all over the social media jubilating after notifications from their banks of being credited with the said sum. However, there are some who claimed to have not yet received their payment; a development that is typical of the payment of the Corps members allowance (popularly known as “allawee”). This does not mean they will not receive the payment; it is usually either their banks delay alerting them or payment of members in their states was delayed. The news of the confirmation of the new allowance was welcomed with mixed reactions by the Corp members (“Corpers”). – Big boys club – Some of the Corps members sarcastically commented the new allowance has upgraded them to the big boys club. A twitter user with the display name NYSC Boo commented: “When my 33k allawee enters….. Quillox all the way” @ogunniyiolanre4 said “I am confused which one should I buy Benz or BMW.?. 33k is a goal.” Dennis chuks@dennytuch “Me checking out estates to buy in Lekki once this allawee enters.”


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